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This wiki is currently being used to set up notes and ideas for a future Shadowrun “reboot” game I want to run. Much like the Battlestar reboot, I want to take Shadowrun and run it through the ringer a spell. This means tweaking the hell out of the setting, and making it more digestible.

My hope is for the game to have a heavy investigation focus. Less True Lies and more The Wire in feel. Theme-wise, there might be a tiny bit of black and white in a vast see of mirrored shades of gray.

Some Inspirations:

  • Blade Runner
  • Leverage
  • Smith
  • Sneakers
  • Virtual Light / Idoru / All Tomorrow’s Parties
  • Valiant (by Holly Black)
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Hellblazer
  • Sam and Twitch
  • and all of the old FASA-era Shadowrun novels

Themes I want to explore:

  • The private lives of the individual runners
  • The establishment of solid party dynamics
  • The existence of the characters as actual people above and beyond their team roles

Some things that would be pretty cool:

  • Have each character be from a completely different walk of life.
  • I’d love one to be a DocWagon EMT, and explore what it’s like to “work backwards” through a failed Run and try to save someone
  • It’d be sweet to have one player be a rent-a-cop, and do a security mission with his own rent-a-cop buddies

Main Page

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